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Indian History and Genealogy



(courtesy of Alison Gene Franks)

Woodstock, CT Vital Records pg 66
26 Aug 1738 Samuel PAGAN entered his intention of marriage with Martha CHAKIES of this Town said PAGAN belongs to Dudley: Indians

pg 286
Solomon PAGAN of Dudley and Hannah CHUKYES of Woodstock intend marriage: 12 Jun 1745.
Note: I have the Dudley, MA vital records. This was not in that book.

Dudley, MA Vital Records pg 91


01 Bethia bp 06 Jun 1756 C.R.
dau of Nanny, Indian

02 Nanny bp 04 Apr 1756
[Indian Woman]

03 Sarah bp 06 Jun 1756 C.R.
dau of Nanny, Indian


01 Thomas bp 01 Jul 1754 C.R. [Indian man]

02 Thomas bp 06 Jun 1756 C.R. son of Nanny, Indian

pg 97

Abigail Quitticus bp 10 Apr 1757 C.R. Indian Woman

Note; C.R. = church record

pg 205

Pagan [Pagen in int.], Hannah
Quiticus, Samuel
m 25 Feb 1746

Pagan [Peagon in int.], Joseph
Sampson, Mary
m. 09 Apr 1787

Pagan, Patient
Caesar, julius
m. intention 24 Aug 1789

Pagan [Pagane in int.], Samuel
David, Patiance
m. 09 Jul 1756

Pagin, Joseph
Bowman, Martha of Worcester
m. intention 31 Dec 1737

Pagin, Joseph
Comicher [Speer?], Hulday of natick
m. intention 10 oct 1735

Pagin, Widow Martha
Pagin, Samuel
m. 09 Jul 1761

Pagin, Samuel
Pagin, Widow Martha
m. 09 Jul 1761

Pagon, Ruth
Ephraims, Joshua of natick
m. intention 30 Nov 1766

Pagon, Samuel, Jr.
Pagon, Sarah
m. 23 Jul 1768 Indians

Pagon, Sarah
Pagon, Samuel, Jr.
m. 23 Jul 1761 Indians

pg 206

Peagon [Pagan in int.], Patience
Jacobs, Solomon [transient]
m. 12 Jul 1784

Peagun [Peegun in int.], Thomas
Coopper, Anne
m. 01 oct 1739

Peegun [see Pagan,Peagan], Samuell
Checkies, Martha of Woodstock
m. 08 Apr 1739

Pegan, Jonathan
Chalkcom, Hepsibath of Natick
m 28 Mar 1758 at Hopkinton.

pg 212

Quiticus, Samuel
Pagan, hannah
m. 25 Feb 1746

Quitticus, Sarah
Ephrim, John of natick
m. intention 30 Aug 1740

Quitticus, Widow Hannah
Wonsimug, Thomas of Natick
m. __ Nov 1758

pg 276

Pagan [see Peagan], I____[Isaac of James?] d. __ ___ ____ [Prospect Farm G.S.] gravestone

pg 277

Peagan [see Pagan], Joseph, the Revolutionary Soldier d. 11 Dec 1818


NEW! Found by Shiela Firehair, and I quote her:

Found in "Drapers in America" pub. 1892 by T. Waln-Morgan Draper.
pg. 34.
Capt. James Draper had a negro servant named Sharper Guilder, who was md. 31 July 1760 by Rev. M. Tyler, to Rozella Allen, negro servant of Esther Fisher.

"This occurred, if I read it correctly, in Dedham, Mass. In the handwriting of Martha Isabella Breckinridge, who d. 1929, sister to my 2nd great grandfather - - - - - is the pencil line, and remark "these were Indian friends of his."

She was the family historian, genealogist, found/knew everyone, never married. - end quote


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