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Indian History and Genealogy



(courtesy of Dianna Fisher)

Duxbury VR

Hampshire, negro servent to Cpt Alden and Mary Jones, Indian woman, both of Duxborough were married April 16, 1718

Nero, negro man and Patience, Indian woman both of Duxborough, 17 March 1743

Halifax VR

The Children of Peter Daniel, Indian man and Rebeckah his wife: Joseph Daniel born 4 March 1734/5
Patience Daniel born 31 January 1736/7
Marcy Danile was born 23 May 1740

Middleboro VR

Phillip Wapquish, Indian man and Abiah Horswit, Indian woman both of Middleborough having being lawfully published, were married 4 November 1746

Kalley, son of Ebedmelech, negro man by Betty, Indian woman, his wife was born 17 July 1764
Rachel, daughter of Ebedmelech, negro man by Betty, Indian woman, his wife was born 8 august 1767
Betty, daughter of Ebedmelech, negro man by Betty, Indian woman, his wife was born 9 December 1772
Israel Felix an Indian man of Middleboro and Deliverance Cowet of Barnstable, an Indian woman were married 26 Dec 1746

Plymouth VR

Job Hammond (negro) and Hannah Quoy (Indian) married at Plymouth 17 Feb 1742/3, intention filed 30 Jan 1742

A purpose of marriage between Boston, negro man slave to Mr. William Barnes and Hannah Hammond, Indian woman both of Plymouth 4 april 1747

Jeremiah Squib, Indian or Mollato of Plymouth and Mary Scoke Indian woman of Plymouth married 2 November 1748

A purpose of marriage between Francis Benias Indian of Plymouth and Mary thomas, Indian woman of Plimpton, 14 May 1742/3

A purpose of marriage betwen Daniel Robin, Indian man and Abigail Ralph, Indian woman both of Plymouth 8 Sept 1744

Josselyn Sepit, Indian and Joannah Sepit, Indian woman both of Plymouth 29 Nov 1744 intention filed 3 Nov 1744 alternate spellings listed of Joslin Cepet)

Moses Cole of Dorcester, Indian and Patuence DearSkin of Plymouth 7 april 1733

Accalabe Jeffry, a mallatto man and Betty Simons an Indian woman both of Plymouth, 5 November 1734

Quomeny, a negro sevant belonging to Josiah cotton esq. and Mary Hamshere, Indian woman both of Plymouth 30 Sept 1732

Benjamin Wanno, Indian of Plymouth and Leah Tompom, Indian of Barnstable, 4 Nov 1732

Joshua Pocknot, Indian man and Sarah Adams, Indian woman both of Plymouth, 16 March 1754

John Humpry, negro man and Mary Paul, Indian woman, both of Plymouth 4 August 1759

Adam Allen, negro man and Susannah Sachamus, Indian woman, both of Plymouth 3 October 1761

John Phillips, negro man and Patience Robbins, Indian woman, both of Plymouth 20 Dec 1762
Ebed, negro man servent to Mrs. Mary thacher of Middleboro and Betty cunnit of Plymouth, Indian woman 14 July 1764

Job Tack, negro man and Mehittable Cuff, Indian woman, both of Plymouth 9 March 1771

Amos Peter, Indian man of Plimton and Mercy Penes, Indian woman of Plimouth 16 March 1776

Mathew Unquit and Sarah Acquit, Indians both of Plymouth 10 Feb 1737/8

Noah Peniss and Abigail Chummuck, Indians both of Plymouth 27 Aug 1740

David Sepitt and Joanna Scoke, Indians both of Plymouth 1 Oct 1740

Francis Penias and Mary Thomas, Indians, 30 May 1743

Peter Daniel and Sarah Waterman, Indians, 18 Dec 1743

Moses Sachamus and Kate Deerskins, Indians, 2 Jan 1744/5

Simon Moses and Sarah Adams, Indians, 15 Feb 1749/50

Moses Sachamus and Sarah Nummock, Indians, 26 Oct 1751

Daniel Robin and Sarah Sanders, Indians 3 Oct 1745

Simon Mahomman and Phebe Robbens, Indians 3 April 1754

Peter Daniell and Sarah Waterman, Indians, 5 Nov 1743

Daniel Robbin and Sarah Sanders, Indians, 7 Sept 1745

Joseph Wampum and Paticience DearSkin, Indians 27 April 1733

Mordecai Ellis and Mol Simons, Indians, 9 March 1733/4

Daniel Robins and Mary Whood, Indians 7 Sept 1734

Samuel Quacom and Kate Shanks, Indians 2 Nov 1734

Mordecai Ellis and Hannah Jones, Indians, 16 Sept 1735

Phillip Sachemus and Esther Peck, Indians, 4 Oct 1735

Joshua Rafe and Nab Shanks, Indians 4 Nov 1736

Jeremiah Atequeen and Moll Simons, Indians, 13 Nov 1736

Josiah connet and Mima B--ant, Indians, 19 March 1736/7

Jo titus Ned and Esther Lawrance Ned, Indians 30 April 1737

Jabez Twiney and Mary Simons, Indians, 10 Sept 1737

John Deerskins and Kate Shanks, Indians, 22 Oct 1737

Mathew Unquit and Sarah acquit, Indians 10 Dec 1737

Richard Tommas and Marcy Cunnet, Indians, 21 Jan 1737/8 NOT PAID

Moses Nummuck and Sarah Deerskins, Indians 11 Oct 1739

William Cunnet Jr, of Plymouth and Moll Wicket of Sandwich, Indians 23 Feb 1739/40

Noah Peniss and Abigail Chumuck, Indians, 19 July 1740

David Sepitt and Joanna Scoke, Indians 21 Sept 1740

Joseph Sachemus of Plymouth and Lydia Peacken of Sandwich, Indians, 6 June 1741

Ephraim quoy and Mercy Peniss, Indians, 3 Sept 1742

Josiah Cunnett and Hannah Quoy, Indians, 23 Oct 1742

Peter Daniell and Hanan ryder, Indians, 8 Jan 1742

Joslen cepit and Desire Whood, Indians, 4 august 1733

Ebenezer Sanders and Sarah Peters, Indians, 19 Sept 1733

Solomon Sepit and Sarah Farrow, Indians, 22 Dec 1733

Joseph Peach and Lydia Jeffry, Indians, 14 August 1731

Mordecai Ellis and Desire Whood, Indians, 14 april 1732

Nathan Whood Jr. and Rachel Jeffry, Indians, 23 Sept 1727

Simon Mahomon and Phebe Robbin, Indians, 16 March 1754

Noah Penes and Parience Wampom, Indians 2 Aug 1754

Micah Sepit and Mary Sepit, Indians 13 March 1756

Moses Sachamus and Susannah Harrey, Indians 23 March 1759

William Cunnet and Mary Squib, Indians 29 March 1760

Hasadiah Job and Betty Pepit, Indians, 25 July 1760

Jacob Wompus of Plympton and Jean Atkins of Plymouth, Indians, 27 Feb 1762

Amos Jefery of Plimpton and Phebe Sepit of Plymouth, Indians, 8 Oct 1763

Obediah Wickit and Bathsheba Hammat, Indians, 10 Dec 1777

Scituate VR

Issacher Cato, negro, and Dinah compsit, Indian both of Scituate, 3 Jan 1772

David Francis and Lydia Attiman, Indians 19 April 1739

Lemuel Francis and meriah, Indians, 29 June 1740

Titus Moses and Rebecca Opechus, Indians, 3 Jan 1719


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