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My gratitude goes to David Blackwell for making this rare book available to all of us through his books online project. Due to the many OCR errors on the scanned version, I opted to type the entire book rather than misspell any of the names and dates. His scanning equipment has greatly improved since this book was done, and you can find links to his very worthwhile project on my homepage.

This book was the closest thing I could find to a history of the New England Indians by the New England Indians. The author was not Indian himself, but included information provided by the publisher, Zerviah Gould Mitchell, a direct descendant of Massasoit through his daughter Amie. It was not a thorough genealogy of Massasoit's family, but it provided a good basis for my New England Indians database. Some historians believe that Massasoit had an earlier family that may have all perished in the pestilence of 1617. In 1623, one writer mentioned that Massasoit had 5 wives, so it is possible that there were a lot of descendants that we know nothing about. Mr. Pierce tried to be fair and accurate with his account of the King Philip War, and I appreciated his empathy for this family.

Please note: An extensive Table of Contents was included in the book, but I have omitted that. Original page numbers are shown in brackets throughout the book. Footnotes are listed at the end of each chapter (or section of Chapter 3) and are linkable from the text. They include genealogy info on a lot of the Colonial Militia. Appendixes have now been typed up by Linda DiCecco, and have been added. Thanks so much, Linda! They are full of deeds, town records, genealogy and history. Their footnotes are included with each appendix. The entire book is searchable, but be aware that the original spelling of names by various clerks was often quite creative.











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